Tea tree essential oil for your skin and hair

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Tea tree essential oil for your skin and hair

Use of natural products makes our living and home more clean and healthy for us! There are a lot of herbal products that we use in our daily lives to make our living easier as well as to get the right benefits from. From using herbal body cosmetics to herbal cleaners for the house, taking care of our surroundings is very important. And thus we all also resort to use essential oils in our daily routine which cleanses the virus and bacteria from the house and brings in freshness.

What is Bio tea tree essential oil?

Bio tea tree essential oil is natural oil extracted from a native plant in Australia called the MelaleucaAlternifolia. Australia is known as the land of tea tree essential oil and exports its produce worldwide. Tea tree essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and thus is helpful for the skin. It also has the antiseptic and antiviral uses so makes the use of it ideally for cleaning of the houses too. You can know all about the extraction, processing as well as the qualities of the tea tree oil from the link.

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Tea tree oil can be used in hair

Due to its antioxidant and antiseptic properties, the tea tree oil is great for scalp. You can make use of the oil by mixing one or two drops of it with your regular oil and massage on your scalp for getting rid of boils, pimples, and even lice on the scalp. The oil also treats the headache and stimulates your scalp to increase hair growth. More feedback for hair care is available on http://bioteatree.com/ .

Using tea tree oil and dosage

Tea tree oil has to be diluted before use to save from the burning of skin. Make sure you mix it with oils, creams or water before using it anywhere!


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