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Why carrageenan is being used all over the world?

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The world has seen a great number of discoveries in the last two hundred years and one of the discoveries that has proved to be a boon for the food industry is that of carrageenan.

What is carrageenan?

Well, this is something that is used as a gelling agent or emulsifier or preservative in the foods of different kinds including those containing milk, meat, poultry etc. you must have heard about food grade version and the spoiled version of this product. Well the food grade one as the name suggests is used for consumption by humans and animals while the spoiled version is used in photography as it is produced by the use of acids.


How is carrageenan obtained?

The source of this substance is a plant! Yes it is a vegan alternative of gelatin that is generally made by boiling the bones of the animals. The plants that are used to extract this gelling agent is very simple and natural without the involvement of any chemicals.

Carrageenan is safe way of inducing thickening on the liquids such as water and milk. This substance that is derived from the red sea weed is safe for consumption and has been used in many different products such as jellies, custards, chocolate milkshakes and many other edible items. Today the air freshener gels that you see in the market are also made up of this sea weed extract.

The safety f the use of this thickening agent is because of the quantity that is required to bring about gelation. You need use 0.1% of the product to cause the required thickening. At a concentration of 4% you can even walk on the surface of water. Thus since too much of it is not required for the job to get done there is no chance of any side effect.

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Choose your air fryer or oven wisely

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The air fryer and ovens both of them are an important part of the Kitchen appliances they have been such an integral part of the kitchen appliances that they can’t be missed. If we compare both of them i.e. air fryers vs Ovens than we will know that they have huge differences between them. If we talk about their size there is a huge difference. The oven is often huge in size while the air fryer is medium which can be put anywhere in front top of the kitchen. The air fryer cooks food in patches while the oven cooks the food in a go. The air fryer is a recent invention and the people of the same are still exploring the uses while the oven has been into the industry from quite a few years and is not only the household item even the hotels and restaurants people use them for baking and making the main course food.

air fryers vs ovens

The Air fryer v/s Oven, it is a kind of debate that which appliance is much better than other as both the appliance can be used for roasting and baking , but according to the reviews the air fryer does the grilling at its best. The oven leave the foods with less crispiness but makes them juicy, but the air fryer makes the food crispy and makes them flavorful as well. They make the food tasty and healthier by stripping out the extra oil.

In today’s time the appliances like air fryers are best promoted as they make the food tasty and healthy too. There have been lots of people who always try to maintain the distance from the oily food due to the health consciousness, and there are one of the people that are fond of using the Air fryer today. So we have discussed that bothe the appliances have their own use, one specialize themselves in bakery while other is expert in making the low oil food. So choose wisely and according to your requirement.


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Factors to consider while buying a stylish corkscrew opener

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Have you broken many wine bottles while uncorking the bottle? Then, you need to buy and use corkscrew opener. This will let you open the aged wine bottle with ease and without causing a minute damage to the expensive wine bottle that was gifted to you. Moreover, you can also gift this electric opener to your friends on their special occasions. There are many electric wine bottle openers available in the market. However, you need to pick the perfect one for your home bar that let you easily open the wine bottle while you sit back and relax enjoying your glass of wine. Undeniably, many people struggle hard to open the cork of a wine bottle. However, usage of the best corkscrew opener will let them open the bottle cleanly and quickly without causing any injury to your hands while uncorking the bottle.

best corkscrew opener

However, here are a few factors you need to consider while buying a sleek and the best corkscrew opener

  • Look rich and elegant: The rich looking opener will lift up the beauty of your home bar. The cordless electric opener allows the guests to open the bottles without putting in a lot of efforts.
  • Quick to charge: The electric wine opener has to be charged to keep it usable all the time. The reliable opener has a long lasting battery life that lets you open hundreds of bottles with ease. Moreover, the charging will never get drained out in the middle of your party Also, many of the electric openers have rechargeable base unit
  • Capability: The opener you are planning to buy should be able to open the corks of different wine bottles. So, prior to buying, you would need to read the reviews of various openers and buy the one that meets your needs.
  • Simple and easy to use: There is no point in investing in an opener that is cumbersome to operate. So, while looking for an opener, you need to buy the one that is easy to use even by the amateur user.

The above are a few factors you need to keep in mind while buying an electric wine opener either for your mini bar or restaurants.


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